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SolForce: Terraine Character Sketchbook

Image of SolForce: Terraine Character Sketchbook

The first "SolForce" character sketchbook is dedicated to the psychic- powered ballerina, Terraine! Inside are 64 pages of unique, tasteful & artful sketch & color renderings from creator & graphic novelist Aaron Southerland. After completing his 2019 "SolForce: Kahuna's of Khaos", Southerland spent all winter & spring of 2020 honing in his knowledge of gestural sketching & animation for capturing movement reflected in these images, which range from formal ballet positions to more athletic poses & candid moments.

Terraine (aka- Terra Rayne Sylla) made her debut in Southerland's 2018 graphic novel "SolForce: Alpha Kale". In the final episode of the book, "Ep. 17: Mantis", Terraine seeks out to battle Gemorrah, the monstrous "manticipede" (a praying mantis & centipede fusion) causing unexpected earthquakes occurring throughout the tropical marshlands of Bleeker Bay. All the while, she feverishly searches for the Mantis Sword, a sacred blade harnessing psychic energies, forged by her former ballet instructor turned werehyena sorceress Tishala.

The imagery shown in this sketchbook will give curious artists & ballet lovers a strong understanding in Aaron's development of the character, as his drawings & paintings portray a strong understanding of flow, gesture & balance.

Targeted Release Date: November 6th, 2020

Please allow up to 2- 3 weeks for delivery!