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SolForce: Kahunas of Khaos

Image of SolForce: Kahunas of Khaos

When your cafe, museum, or life is in jeopardy & a toon has nowhere else to turn, you
can count on one group: The "unconfirmed" Affogato Detective Club, also known as
psychic detective Ceasar “AC” Southermire & his plucky photographer, partner
Stephanie Monroe! In this fourth installment of the anthology series, the SolForce
agents are putting their weight on the slim fit psychic & the witty kitty, Revenda
Delgatta, for the six new episodes of mystery & horror! Their trekking will lead them
to coffee bean thieves, reincarnated demigods, disgruntled jazz musicians, rad
scientists & werehyenas trapped in a prison of beauty.

Also, the “new kids” from “Alpha Kale” will bump into them somehow someway,
while attempting to crack the cases on their own. How will the inevitable team- ups