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SolForce: Pineapple Vices

Image of SolForce: Pineapple Vices

Amidst the khaos, grip to the last vice!

Following up from "SolForce: Kahunas of Khaos", the fifth installment in the comedy- adventure anthology series brings six new episodes of nonstop action, detective work and tropical intrigue to Sunshine City.

Perhaps, too much intrigue.

Teen witty kitty Revenda now works on her robotics airbike permit.
Antiquarian Manny Q. finds a new toontastic item for his treasure chest that
attracts hungry size-shifting bugs. Beast Hunters Mahdi and Kleo step upon a burly polar bear in captivity on a lone island lab, resulting in a thunderous snowstorm. Attempting to defeat boredom, psychic ballerina Terraine investigates a mysterious pollinator only to get bullied by a giant psychic bug. AND... True blue psychic detective AC goes on an escort mission, in search of newly discovered Shadi creatures... who are NICE?!