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Cartooning Vibe Sessions: Fall 2018 (6th- 8th grade)

Image of Cartooning Vibe Sessions: Fall 2018 (6th- 8th grade)

Art mentor & cartoonist Aaron Southerland will hold a new series of Cartooning Vibe Sessions in Claire Lilienthal for the fall semester! Veteran students will continue working on their creations from the previous semester. Meanwhile, the newcomers will begin creating their very own cartoon & comic characters. The guidance from Aaron will include drawing techniques with a wide array of drawing materials depending on the student's individual traits & skill set. Everyone will benefit from personal art therapy & the occasional jazz playlist!

-Dates, times & location: Tuesdays, Sept. 4th- Dec. 4th; 2 pm- 4 pm in the teacher's lounge. Thursdays, Sept. 7th- Dec. 6th; 1:50 pm- 3 pm in Rm 008.

-$125 per student

-Supplies used: Sketch paper, graphite pencils, mix- media paper, watercolor pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners, water- based brush pens and fine- tip ink pens