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Cartooning Vibe Sessions: Spring 2020 (Thursdays)

Image of Cartooning Vibe Sessions: Spring 2020 (Thursdays)

Art mentor & cartoonist Aaron Southerland will hold a new series of Cartooning Vibe Sessions in Claire Lilienthal for the spring semester! The newcomers will begin creating their very own cartoon & comic characters. The guidance from Aaron will include drawing techniques with a wide array of drawing materials depending on the student's individual traits & skill set. Everyone will benefit from personal art therapy & the occasional jazz playlist!

-Dates, time & location: Thursdays, Jan. 9th- May 7th; 1:45 pm- 3:30 pm in Rm. 011*
*New location once construction begins to be determined by February 2020

-Supplies used: Sketch paper, graphite pencils, mix- media paper, watercolor pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners, water- based brush pens and fine- tip ink pens